Direct Mail: Disadvantages and Advantages for the Public Relations Professionals


Direct mail is used to sell ideas, goods, and even services and it is often referred to as junk mail. Direct mail is used mainly to market things and products to people and organizations. It is also used  to notify consumers about a product recall, inform investors about a merger or acquisition, or make an apology about a poor service or shoddy goods.

However, there are pros and cons to using direct mail.

Some advantages to using direct mail are:

1. You can target directly to specific individuals- you can use a mailing list that way the information is only sent to the people who need to see it.

2. Personalization-you have the option to have personalized envelopes addressed to specific people

3. Cost-effectivness-it’s inexpensive

Some disadvantages to using direct mail are:

1.Listed as junk mail-most of the direct mail ends up in the garbage because people think it’s junk mail

2. Information overload-people receive so much direct mail on average that it would be hard to remember everything that was read.



Public Relations Practitioners… modern communication tools Vs. traditional communication tools


Technology is being incorporated now more than ever with companies and organizations. More so by the way of social media. For example Twitter and Facebook.

Public relations practitioners can use websites as a way to get products out there faster and also receive quicker feedback from consumers.

Traditional communication tools like phones and letters take more time.

The main difference with modern communication tools is the immediacy of it. Instead of sending a traditional letter, you can send an email and get immediate feedback. Also, your not limited to sending out information to one individual and you can actually send to thousands at once.

I believe nowadays PR practitioners have incorporated social media a lot in their everyday work use and students wanting to be PR practitioners are learning just how to do so. I think social media use had made PR practitioners jobs a little bit more easy than with the traditional communication tools.

The area of public relations that is the most exciting to me is…


The good thing about Public Relations is that it is a job that doesn’t allow a person to get pigeon-holed into a specific field forever. There are so many branches in PR that would keep a person busy for a long time. After looking over some of the different jobs PR practitioners can have, I believe the most exciting area of PR to me is Event Planning.

There is so much that goes into an event that is more than just meets the eye. It allows the PR practitioner to let out their creative side. I like when I can be creative but not limited to just one aspect of my creativeness. I think it will be fun to draw up a plan, plan it out, and basically watch it come to life. Since no to events are the same, it gives you ample opportunity to be more and more creative. You probably can outdo yourself with your own creativity.

This is suitable for me because I like to be hands-on with projects and other things and I like to use my creativity whenever possible. This is why I believe this particular area of Public Relations is the most exciting, and I would love to work in this area after I graduate.

Why is the relationship with the media so important to Public Relations Professionals?


This relationship is very important for a number of reasons.

For one its good to maintain a healthy relationship with the media people as a PR professional because they are the ones that ultimately control what articles will be released to the public. If a PR professional pitches a story idea and the media people don’t accept it it’s okay, and they should not use that opportunity to say bad things. Your reputation goes pretty far and once it’s tarnished it’s hard to get it back right and most people wont work with you.

PR professionals jobs are to communicate things out to the public and the media is the vehicle that is used to do so.

The media and PR professionals jobs go hand-in-hand. The media look to PR professionals to supply them with material, and the PR professionals look to the media to get their information out as efficiently as possible.

You kind of need one with the other. Once the  relationship is tarnished then the PR professionals struggle to find other ways to get their information out.

These are just a few reasons why this relationship between PR professionals and the media are important.

Why is Public Relations a Rapidly Growing Field?


I believe many people looked at the television show, Sex in the City and saw the character of Samantha Jones as a PR person and how glamorous the life she lived was everyday. This is a common misrepresentation of the field of PR. Of course, one day maybe a person can strive to reach goals like that character, but when you first get into this field you won’t be starting at the top, as one should expect.

PR people get a chance to represent clients and organizations all around the world. They are normally the face that delivers messages to the public. They normally work close with the media.

This is the type of field for people who are great communicators and have the ability to understand many diverse people. I believe it’s steady growing because they intertwine social media with campaigns and things. You would have to be living under a rock nowadays if you don’t use social media or know what it is. This is one of those rare fields where people are allowed to be as creative as they want to.

The fact that people are able to work closely with others, be creative, and utilize their writing skills are the reasons I believe Public Relations is a rapidly growing field. There will always be a need for PR people and this career is very flexible to where a person will not get bored with the same 9-5 as with other career fields.

“Communication is Power”


Communication is Power.

This sentence is very true and powerful at the same time. Communication is what people use  to keep in contact with others around the world. There are many different forms of communication as well. There is word of mouth communication, which is what people used back in the early times to spread stories down to others. There is communication by telephone, and all it takes is ten digits to contact someone. With the help of modern technology and social media, there is emailing, text messaging, Facebook, Twitter, Skype, and etc. There is even sign-language as a way for deaf people to communicate.

Communication has been around forever. It’s just enhanced itself overtime to adapt to the needs of people. Communication is powerful because it allows people all over the world, that speak many different languages, to speak to one another. With the help of translators this has become easier over time.

When a person has an issue or problem the best way to discuss it is to communicate in the best way possible. It’s important to remember that communication is a two way street. Meaning that part of communication is acting and reacting.

How people managed to learn to communicate via writing or talking is a wonderful thing. It was able to transform and adapt to the needs of people as people were adapting to their environments as well. A good thing about communication is it doesn’t take  a top degree or a rocket scientist to do it. Babies communicate with other babies and people that might be illiterate so as well, but they still manage to find a way to communicate that might not be up to par with societies standards.

Communication is Power. It will always be around and continue to adapt and change as people need it. Without it the world would be a quiet place. Communication is Power.

PR Practicioners and The Media


PR Practitioners and The Media go together like a car needs gas. PR Practitioners metaphorically being the car, and The Media being the gas.

PR Practitioners want to place their stories in the news and other publications and programs. Without being able to do this, PR would lose one of its main ways for communication with the public. The Media on the other hand is becoming more dependent on PR to supply them with content to fill their air times or columns. PR people control access to the content that media/journalists want to have. Also, in the same aspect the Media will ultimately control what content will or will not be shown to their particular audiences.

This is why it is very IMPORTANT to maintain a good relationship with the media and organizations. It’s a great idea for media people to become accustomed to their particular areas of interests or “beats”. Communication between the two groups is vital, and it’s important to remember that the lines of communication is a two-way street.